Mariner Brod-Ing Betina d.o.o.

project office for naval architecture

and shipbuilding industry

established in 1993.

Job that we do can easily be described as a "paper" building of the ship. Or perhaps more simply, we are the architects for the ships. We do all the necessary documentation in order to build your boat and sail on it. From your idea through body lines and ships general arrangement to calculation of ships construction, defining engine power, stability booklet so that your boat is safe at sea. We do not have preference of the material you would build a ship of, whether it is a fiberglass, wood, steel, aluminum; we can do documentations for building the ship. All these documents and calculations are made according to the rules of the Croatian Register of Shipping, which are, in fact, criteria that vessel should satisfy to sail under the Croatian flag. We can do the same job under the rules of some other classification societies (Lloyd's Register, Bureau Veritas, RINA, Germanisher Lloyd, Det Norske Veritas...).

Through years of being in this business we have come to the remarkable archive of over 500 ships and boats. Some of these ships are new buildings for which we have done a complete job, from concept and preliminary design to the classification and workshop documents, and some are reconstructions on which we have done bigger or smaller volume of documentation. Mostly we did fishing vessels (trawlers, purse seine) and passenger ships for day trips and for week trips, but also did cargo boats, eco boats, fire boats. We have done documentation according to which a few Croatian historical boats were rebuild. We also do the supervision of the process of building the ship according to our documentation or according to documentation of any third-party. We also perform judicial expertise, valuation for vessels and cost estimate for any repair or reconstruction of the vessel.

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Ivan Marinčić_naval architect

Graduated 1984 from the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture in Zagreb. During his studies he worked as a technician in the Vodopija Ivo Srećko Shipyard in Betina on the island of Murter (today it is the Betina Shipyard), and after graduation came to the position of technical director at the same shipyard. In 1993 he established a private project office for Naval Architecture with registered office in Betina on the island of Murter. He specializes in wooden shipbuilding.


Hrvoje Marinčić_naval architect

Graduated 2007 from the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture in Zagreb. After graduation, he started the permanent employment as a designer in company. During the study he worked on classification documentation at projects in company, and after graduation has mostly worked on construction part of the projects.

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Mariner Brod-Ing Betina d.o.o.

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